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10/15/2020 5:06 PM
Most safety professionals agree that workplace eye injuries are preventable. Yet, OSHA estimates that 1,000 eye injuries occur every day in the U.S. OSHA lists two major reasons for eye injuries at work: not wearing eye protection or...
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7/6/2020 4:39 PM
The word "Summer" brings to mind images of picnics, swimming holes, and lemonade, but this year Mother Nature's thermostat seems to be set a little high. Even under average summer conditions, thousands of workers are affected by heat related...
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1/7/2020 4:29 PM
There is no workplace, no matter how safe it may seem, where a worker is immune to foot injury. The hazards vary greatly according to the workplace and the types of tasks the worker performs. The first step in developing...
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9/17/2019 4:25 PM
Working in wet conditions can cause more than just an annoying hassle. Safety hazards including slippery surfaces, limited visibility and even electrical shock can put workers at risk for injury. When working in wet or rainy conditions, these tips from...
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4/9/2019 4:20 PM
Disasters both natural and manmade can strike quickly and with devastating results. Disasters, such as Floods, tornadoes, and chemical can not only cause massive damage to your business but can prevent you, your employees, and your customers from getting to...
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