Committed To Safety - Our Response To COVID-19

We are in an unprecedented situation with regard to the spread of COVID-19. Memco, MandM Poultry Equipment, Middleton Equipment, and Middleton Industries are committed to the safety of our Team Members, our Customers, our Suppliers, and our Community.

We at Memco and MandM Poultry Equipment, Inc. are taking this very seriously. Given the rapidly changing environment due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), our locations and warehouses will be limited to Team Members only with limited exceptions by appointment only. This policy will be in effect until further notice.

We are also taking the following precautions:

  • Our Team is taking all recommended precautions developed by our local health officials and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • All Team Members are encouraged to stay home with any symptoms or evidence of exposure without financial consequence.

  • All Team Members who are able to work remotely are being asked to perform their responsibilities from home.

  • Our Team members are routinely using disinfectant products on all main customer and employee touchpoints through the day including office equipment, loading equipment and trucks.

  • All of our delivery personnel are required to wear barrier gloves to reduce any transmission of the virus and will carry and use sanitizer between stops. They are also being asked to limit, where possible, interaction with customer personnel and adopt social distancing protocols.

  • All unnecessary travel for our Representatives and Team Members has been halted until further notice.

  • Our Sales Team is operating at normal business hours while working remotely when possible.

  • Our Team Members will complete all drills for product recalls exceeding our BRC requirements to perfect our readiness, should we need to recall any product in accordance with all of our food processing customer requirements.

Memco, MandM Poultry and all of our companies and Team Members are committed to our customers’ health and safety, and this situation is no different.

For additional Information, please visit the CDC’s COVID-19 information page for the latest updates.

Local Branch COVID-19 Resources

Missouri Department of Health: 877-435-8411

Arkansas Department of Health: 800-803-7847

Virginia Department of Health: 800-222-1222